What Rights Do Passengers in a Car Accident Have?

Aftermath of a Car Accident

Out of the thousands of Californians who suffer injuries in car accidents, only a small percentage were behind the wheel at the time of the crash. This means passengers suffer injuries in auto accidents more often than drivers, and so you are more likely to suffer an injury riding in a vehicle than if you are driving one. Therefore, you should know about your rights as a passenger involved in a car crash.

If an injured passenger does not act quickly, they can miss out on the compensation they need to get their life back on track. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Esteban L. Valenzuela & Associates understand this fact. This is why we want to help you understand what a passenger can do after suffering an injury in a car accident.

What Are My Rights as an Injured Passenger?

Passengers who suffer an injury in an auto accident have the same rights to compensation as any driver. Your injuries and damaged property are often covered by an insurance carrier. Figuring out which insurance carrier is responsible for compensating you is where things get complicated.

Who Is Responsible for My Passenger Injury Claim?

Depending on the circumstances of your crash, several parties may be responsible for compensation. The other driver’s insurance policy, your driver’s insurance policy, or your own insurance policy.

If the driver of the other car is responsible for the accident, your insurance claim will probably go to his/her insurance. However, the policy may not fully cover your injuries and losses. In this situation, you may have to file with your driver’s insurance as well, even if the collision was not your driver’s fault. In some situations, you may even wind up filing a claim with your own insurance. To figure out just who you need to file a claim with, the best strategy is always talking to a car accident attorney.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help if I Suffer a Passenger Injury?

As you can tell, there are many options for filing a claim, and many of these options are going to depend upon what happened in the crash. Was your driver at fault? Was the other driver at fault? Did the crash involve other vehicles and individuals? In some circumstances, you may need to file a lawsuit against the company that owns the vehicle involved in the crash. Figuring out the logistics of the situation can be difficult, especially if you have suffered an injury. An attorney can sort through these complications for you.

Remember, auto accident lawyers have years of experience and training to help them sort out a crash. Rely on that experience. Call (805) 922-6674 to set up a free consultation with an experienced attorney. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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